Fantastic news!

I have teamed-up with the local second-hand book store and now have access to some great titles! Some of these I was planning to post today but the scans still require some work.

You can expect to see regular daily updates from tomorrow!

Book supply

I am not sure what direction the fantasticbookblog is going to take, though I am very excited about the possibilities for the future.

One thing is certain though, I am running out of books to scan! Until I recover the bulk of my own books in storage I am desperately low on source material.

So today I am going to see if the local second-hand bookstore will be able to supply books for the blog. There is only one second-hand bookstore where I live but they have an excellent range, so a team-up would be fantastic(!) for the blog. I would then be able to post at least one new cover a day which is ultimately my aim.

Scan comparisons – a poll

Up until now I have been scanning covers using a specific preset – magazine, which gives a dark, rich matte result which looks nice. I now think this may be producing too much of a dull image. I noticed it on the Azure Bonds cover when I scanned it using both the magazine preset and the standard color photo preset – this is using the superb VueScan scanning software. There are elements I like about both presets, but I just cannot decide on any one right now. So I will leave it up to vote. The magazine scan is on the left and the color photo scan on the right, click for a larger version in a new window.