The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet

The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet

Illustrator Robert Henneberger
Author Eleanor Cameron
Year 1966 (first published 1954)
Publisher Scholastic
ISBN unknown

Chuck and David gasped. There, in the telescope, a tiny greenish dot appeared, shining through the vast black of outer space.

The mysterious little man spoke:
“I should like you two boys to set off this very night for the Mushroom Planet!”
“Tonight?” repeated Chuck faintly.
“But, how…” David began.

How, indeed, could they ever hope to reach that pale and ghostly moon. No other earth dwellers ever knew it existed!

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The Railway Children

The Railway Children

Illustrator C. E. Brock
Author E. Nesbit
Year 1960 (first published 1906)
Publisher Puffin
ISBN unknown

Though published more than fifty years ago, the story of The Railway Children has become a favourite with children of today as a B.B.C. Children’s Television serial.

There were three of the ‘Railway Children’, Bobbie, Peter, and Phyllis, and life went along as happily as anyone could wish until Peter’s tenth birthday. Then an awful thing happened. Some men came and took away their father. They left London after that and went to live in a not-very-nice house in the country. With Father away, and Mother brave but plainly worried, and very little money, they all did their best, but it was undoubtedly a piece of luck to find that a railway line ran by, just down the hill from their garden. There were always things to do beside a railway in those days, and all sorts of people travelled by train. The Railway Children soon made friends with some of them, and with the station-master and the porter; and then one day Bobbie discovered what had happened to their father, and, keeping it a secret from the others, thought of a way to help him. And that’s what makes the story so exciting – that, and the fact that it all feels so truly possible that anyone can get right inside that awful situation and feel what it would really be like to have to live it. Continue reading

Return of The Shadow

Return of The Shadow

Illustrator unknown
Author Walter B. Gibson
Year 1966 (first published 1963)
Publisher Brown Watson
ISBN unknown


“Your life,” probed the hypnotic voice from the shadows, “is no longer your own. It belongs to me now. I shall improve it. I shall make it useful. But I shall risk it, too. Perhaps I shall lose it, for I have lost lives, just as I have saved them.

“This is my code: life, with enjoyment, with danger, with excitement. Life, above all, with honour. And in return, I demand obedience. Absolute obedience.”

“I promise,” whispered The Shadow’s new agent. “I swear absolute obedience…”

THE SHADOW – a strange creature clad in black with strange powers over men’s minds and a mocking laugh which is the avenger’s chilling note of triumph.

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Trapped in Space

Trapped in Space

Illustrator Robert Amundsen
Author Jack Williamson
Year 1968
Publisher Scholastic
ISBN unknown

Astronaut Ben is lost — a million miles from Earth! His last message: “Strange life forms here…we’re under attack…!”

Jeff sets off to rescue him, but soon his own crippled starship is caught in the same eerie web of a monstrous creature from outer space!

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Just So Stories

Just So Stories

Illustrator Robert Stanley
Author Rudyard Kipling
Year 1968 (first published 1902)
Publisher Magnum
ISBN unknown

The How, Where and Wonder of Things…

“In the days when everybody started fair, Best Beloved, the Leopard lived in a place called the High Veldt. ‘Member it wasn’t the Low Veldt, or the Bush Veldt, or the Sour Veldt, but the ‘sclusively bare, hot, shiny High Veldt, where there was sand and…”

More? Find in this book “How The Leopard Got His Spots,” and you will be carried along (but always towards the astonishing answer) on a soaring wave of sounds and pictures meant by Rudyard Kipling to be read aloud—and ‘sclusively for children o’ all ages. And then frolic through other pages to see How The Whale Got His Throat, How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin and even (but don’t really believe it) How The Alphabet Was Made…

Kipling wrote the delightfully imaginative Just So Stories in 1902, for his own Best Beloved, his daughter Josephine. But millions have since felt no less loved through his gift to them of his playful wit and the sheer music of his language. The Just So Stories are set, literally, in India, the scene of many of Kipling’s books, but they come, in a sense, from a country of magic.

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Stingray and the Monster

Illustrator Peter Archer
Author John Theydon
Year 1966
Publisher Armada
ISBN unknown

Atlanta is kidnapped! International crooks use her as bait in order to capture Stingray. In a pirated patrol vessel, they take her into the weird and unknown depths of the ocean.

Troy Tempest, Phones and Marina set out on a hazardous rescue attempt in which they meet a truly terrifying monster of the deep. Here is a story with all the excitement of the celebrated TV series. Continue reading

No Rest for Biggles

Illustrator unknown
Author Captain W. E. Johns
Year 1963 (first published 1956)
Publisher Armada
ISBN unknown

Biggles, now an inspector of the Air Police, runs across his old enemy von Stalhein, once again. Astonishingly it is in the heart of the African jungle.

What is Biggles doing there? He is on the trail of as wicked a bunch of thugs as he has ever encountered. They are bringing down planes, in some mysterious fashion, containing high-ranking military personnel with top secret knowledge.

Biggles has to find out first how it is done, then he’s got to put a stop to it. Rhinos on landing grounds, poisonous mamba snakes, hungry lions and spearhappy tribesmen don’t exactly help an air detective in the course of duty. But Biggles wins through.

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