Just So Stories

Just So Stories

Illustrator Robert Stanley
Author Rudyard Kipling
Year 1968 (first published 1902)
Publisher Magnum
ISBN unknown

The How, Where and Wonder of Things…

“In the days when everybody started fair, Best Beloved, the Leopard lived in a place called the High Veldt. ‘Member it wasn’t the Low Veldt, or the Bush Veldt, or the Sour Veldt, but the ‘sclusively bare, hot, shiny High Veldt, where there was sand and…”

More? Find in this book “How The Leopard Got His Spots,” and you will be carried along (but always towards the astonishing answer) on a soaring wave of sounds and pictures meant by Rudyard Kipling to be read aloud—and ‘sclusively for children o’ all ages. And then frolic through other pages to see How The Whale Got His Throat, How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin and even (but don’t really believe it) How The Alphabet Was Made…

Kipling wrote the delightfully imaginative Just So Stories in 1902, for his own Best Beloved, his daughter Josephine. But millions have since felt no less loved through his gift to them of his playful wit and the sheer music of his language. The Just So Stories are set, literally, in India, the scene of many of Kipling’s books, but they come, in a sense, from a country of magic.

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