Professor Branestawm’s Treasure Hunt

Professor Branestawm's Treasure Hunt

Illustrator George Worsley Adamson
Author Norman Hunter
Year 1974 (first published 1937)
Publisher Puffin
ISBN 0-14-030275-1

When it was a case of inventing an unspillable teacup, or a collapsible-cum-expandable house, or a liquid carpet to be applied with a brush, or a machine for peeling and pipping grapes, a bomb or a fire alarm, Professor Branestawm was the man for the job. His interests were wide, and his intentions excellent, but it simply isn’t any joke to be an inventor, or to be anywhere near one, as the Professor’s military friend Colonel Dedshott and his long-suffering housekeeper Mrs Flittersnoop well knew.

Puffin readers first met this eccentric genius in The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm, and they will find the new adventures in this book just as hilariously impossible.

This marvellously funny book is for nine- to twelve-year-olds, particularly boys.

Professor Branestawm’s Treasure Hunt available on Amazon

Professor Branestawm's Treasure Hunt (back cover)

One response to “Professor Branestawm’s Treasure Hunt

  1. “…particularly boys?” – well, a little out-of-date perhaps. I remember seeing this and the others in the series on the shelves at my primary school, at that stage too young to read them, but fascinated by the wacky illustrations by George Adamson.

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