The KnowHow Book of Puppets

Illustrator Malcolm English
Designer John Jamieson
Authors Violet Philpott and Mary Jean McNeil
Year 1977 (first published 1975)
Publisher Usborne
ISBN 0-86020-003-5

About This Book (from the inside front cover)

This is a book which tells you how to make lots of different kinds of puppets and how to work them properly when you have made them. You will find that the puppets at the beginning are easier to make than those at the end.

At the end of the book there is a puppet play. We have started it, leaving you to make up the rest of the story yourself.

The puppets are made from things you will probably be able to find at home. A lot of them are made with glue. When you buy glue, remember to buy strong, quick drying glue like Bostik 1 and UHU.

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The Lord of the Rings

Illustrator Pauline Baynes
Author J. R. R. Tolkien
Year 1977 (first published 1954, 1955)
Publisher George Allen & Unwin
ISBN 0-04-823087-1

“For this marvellous story Tolkien has created his own mythology, and woven a spell-binding tale around the momentous struggle for the magic Ring; the eternal struggle between Good and Evil. He gives us a fantastic diversity of scene (wars, migrations, even whole epochs), and of characters – dwarves, elves, dragons, as well as races of men. And never for a moment during the 1,000-page tale does his inspiration flag, and nor does the reader’s belief in the magical world Tolkien has created.” (from the inside dust jacket)

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