The Colour of Magic

The Colour of Magic

Series Discworld
Josh Kirby
Author Terry Pratchett
Year 1985 (first published 1983)
Publisher Corgi
ISBN 978-0-552-12475-1

On a world supported on the back of a giant turtle (sex unknown), a gleeful, explosive, wickedly eccentric expedition sets out. There’s an avaricious but inept wizard, a naive tourist whose luggage moves on hundreds of dear little legs, dragons who only exist if you believe in them, and of course THE EDGE of the planet…


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Crimson Crystal Adventure 1: Riddle of the Griffon

Riddle of the Griffon

Series Crimson Crystal Adventures (Endless Quest)
Illustrator Keith Parkinson (cover), Mario D. Macari, Gary Williams
Author Susan Lawson
Year 1985
Publisher TSR
ISBN 394-73979-5 / 0-88038-210-4

From the Producers of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Game

Forbidden to use your conjuring abilities, you now have the opportunity to rid your homeland of its oppressive ruler, Parthon. But to do so, you must leave the security of your father’s farm to face the gauntlet of the griffon and solve its riddle. Do you have the courage to pass this ultimate test of your new powers?

To help you on your quest, an old magic-user has given you a magical ruby, one of three powerful magic crystals. This special gem allows you to translate ancient messages, find hidden doorways, see through magical deception, and much more. It can show you many things, but take care or you might not see the truth that the stone reveals to you and find yourself in very real danger! Continue reading


Series Sagas of the Demonspawn
John Blanche
Author J. H. Brennan
Year 1985
Publisher Fontana
ISBN 0-00-617207-5

King Voltar’s violent death has shaken the realm, which has lost its one protector. Fire*Wolf, now a member of the Ruling Council, knows that ten years of peace have ended and that the hellish Demonspawn are at work again, plotting devilish destruction. Only the mighty Golden Orb, with its treacherous magical powers, can vanquish the old menace forever.

But Fire*Wolf’s terrifying quest takes him into the heart of the Spawn’s foul caverns – and into his greatest test of skill and strength. You alone can decide whether he will triumph – or meet a horrifying end… Continue reading

The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy

Illustrator Laurence Hutchins
Author Pat Hutchins
Year 1985 (first published 1983)
Publisher Fontana
ISBN 0-00-672463-9

The room plunged into darkness and the door burst open. A white bandaged figure stood in the doorway. A piercing scream filled the air: The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb!

It’s the first day of the Cub Scouts’ camping holiday, and things have gone wrong from the start. A body is found, an Egyptian statue is dug out of a dustbin, their tents are ransacked. And then this dramatic appearance. Continue reading

The Wild Ones

Series John Grimes
Ken W. Kelly
Author A. Bertram Chandler
Year 1985
Publisher DAW
ISBN 0-88677-031-9

They called the robomaid “Clockwork Kitty” until she informed them of her right name. She was a triumph of Japan’s far-future robotics industry and she was a present to John Grimes as he set out aboard Sister Sue for a voyage to the planet called New Salem.

New Salem was a colony of blue-nosed religious fanatics and Grimes knew it meant trouble. For in addition to his sexy-looking robot he had Shirl and Darleen aboard, two wild ones of kangaroo ancestry, sure to be problems. And trouble came, not merely from the fire-wielding bigots but from Grimes’ old enemy, Drongo Kane.

It’s the last interplanetary romp of the legendary spaceman known as science-fiction’s own “Captain Hornblower.”

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The Wishsong of Shannara

Series The Sword of Shannara
Illustrator Darrell K. Sweet, Brothers Hildebrandt (map)
Author Terry Brooks
Year 1985
Publisher Futura
ISBN 0-7088-8152-1

The triumphant finale to the bestselling Shannara trilogy

Horror stalks the Four Lands. The Ildatch, the immemorial book of evil spells, has stirred once more to eldritch life, sending its ghastly Mord Wraiths to wreak final destruction on Mankind. Allanon, ancient Druid protector of the Races, must again seek the help of a descendant of Jerle Shannara — this time Brin Ohmsford, daughter of Wil, and possessor of the magic of the Wishsong. Continue reading

Star Challenge 2: The Android Invasion

Illustrator Colin Sullivan (cover), Maelo Cintron
Author Christopher Black
Year 1985 (first published 1984)
Publisher Knight
ISBN 0-340-36908-6

Welcome aboard the space station Nebula. You are about to embark on a thrilling inter-galactic adventure where YOU decide the course of the action!

Your mission: Armies of androids are on the attack. Can you and 2-Tor, your robot companion, stop them before they conquer the universe?

Your challenge: Should you go to the distant rimworlds to find the android masters? Or stay to protect Nebula from this awesome threat?

Find out if you are a Space Ace.

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Star Challenge 1: Planets in Peril

Illustrator Colin Sullivan (cover), Maelo Cintron
Author Christopher Black
Year 1985 (first published 1984)
Publisher Knight
ISBN 0-340-36907-8

Welcome aboard the space station Nebula. You are about to embark on a thrilling inter-galactic adventure where YOU decide the course of the action!

Your mission: Space pirates are after the Graviton – a weapon capable of wiping out planets. Can you save the universe from this ultimate terrorism?

Your challenge: Can you get to the Graviton before the pirates do? Or should you attack the pirate raiders on Mindor-6?

Find out if you are a Space Ace.

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The Earthsea Trilogy

Illustrator Jonathan Field
Author Ursula Le Guin
Year 1985 (first published 1979)
Publisher Penguin
ISBN 0-1400-5093-0

As long ago as forever and as far away as Selidor, there lived the dragonlord and Archmage, Sparrowhawk, the greatest of the great wizards–he who, when still a youth, met with the evil shadow-beast; he who later brought back the Ring of Erreth-Akbe from the Tombs of Atuan; and he who, as an old man, rode the mighty dragon Kalessin back from the land of the dead. And then, the legends say, Sparrowhawk entered his boat, Lookfar, turned his back on land, and without wind or sail or oar moved westward over sea and out of sight.

Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore
–Ursula Le Guin’s brilliant and magical trilogy.

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A Wizard of Earthsea (1968) The Tombs of Atuan (1971) The Farthest Shore (1972) Tehanu (1990) The Other Wind (2001)