What is the purpose of the fantastic book blog?
Well, I wanted to learn about blogging but I didn’t really know what to blog about. I have always collected books and it dawned on me that I could do something on the great book covers that have come and gone over the years. The idea of sharing these great covers with others and maybe invoking some pleasant nostalgia inspired me. Aside from this I had the books, I had a scanner, I had a computer – the birth of the fantastic book blog!

Some of the covers are a bit rubbish, why is that?
I always like to put the best covers up, but not all may be to the fancy of everyone. I choose covers that I like personally. Some are ones that I was fond of as a youngster and maybe only I enjoy them for that very reason. Generally though I try not to put really bad ones up, fond memories or no – unless of course they’re so bad they’re good.

You do very strange reviews, why?
They aren’t reviews, simply the book summaries from the back cover. I do plan to do reviews in the future, when I know I can write them.

Your scans are a bit small, why don’t you make them bigger?
You can, by clicking on the thumbnail in the post – but you knew that already, didn’t you?

The publication year for some books are incorrectly categorised or tagged, why is that?
The books are categorised and tagged by the publication date of cover’s edition, not the original publication date, as this blog is concerned primarily with the covers of great books. I also find this easier when searching and not so confusing as using two dates. Both dates are included in the description.

What hardware and software do you use?
An old but good HP PSC 2110 All-in-One with VueScan scan software. Other software used is Paint Shop Pro 7, XnView, EditPlus and more recently ABBYY FineReader to convert back cover scans into usable text.

You have affiliate links to the books on Amazon, are you in it for the money?
Definitely not. It has never been my intention to make money from this blog. I was not sure whether to use Amazon links for the blog but I wanted to try them out. I certainly won’t get rich from them, though I would like to one day move this blog to its own site and have its own domain name, enabling more creative control over the blog. Everything will go toward this. For the record, to date I have made not a single cent.* I don’t really expect to and I’m not overly bothered if I don’t.

* As of the 10th of August, 2015 I have made $2.78 =D

What about copyright?
Kind of a grey area, but under fair use things should be dandy. However, any requests to take down copyrighted material from their rightful owners will be fulfilled.


The fantastic book blog header is a modified version of a photo called Books Background Fourteen by Kurt French found at Textures8


The email address is at Gmail and is the name of the site minus the spaces. If you can’t figure this out then I probably don’t want to hear from you!