No Rest for Biggles

Illustrator unknown
Author Captain W. E. Johns
Year 1963 (first published 1956)
Publisher Armada
ISBN unknown

Biggles, now an inspector of the Air Police, runs across his old enemy von Stalhein, once again. Astonishingly it is in the heart of the African jungle.

What is Biggles doing there? He is on the trail of as wicked a bunch of thugs as he has ever encountered. They are bringing down planes, in some mysterious fashion, containing high-ranking military personnel with top secret knowledge.

Biggles has to find out first how it is done, then he’s got to put a stop to it. Rhinos on landing grounds, poisonous mamba snakes, hungry lions and spearhappy tribesmen don’t exactly help an air detective in the course of duty. But Biggles wins through.

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