Illustrator Larry Ross
Author Marilyn Z. Wilkes
Year 1984 (first published 1982)
Publisher Piccolo
ISBN 0-330-28294-8

Rodney Pentax and his family needed a robot and when the Combined Level Unit/Type Z answered their ad, Rodney was delighted. An early prototype, C.L.U.T.Z. was programmed to do all kinds of domestic chores – from cooking lunabird eggs to disposa-mopping the kitchen floor. Most important he’d be company for Rodney after school and with luck he might even learn to play moonball! True Clutz wasn’t one of the new streamlined models, but he had something which they didn’t have…personality!

Clutz needs to be loved but his desire to help leads him into one disaster after another, and Rodney has his hands full trying to keep his miswired mechanical pal from ending up in the recycling plant…

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