Twistaplot 2: The Train of Terror

Illustrator Victor Stabin (cover), David Febland
Author Louise Munro Foley
Year 1982
Publisher Scholastic
ISBN 0-590-32499-3

Do you dare to ride…


It’s no ordinary train. In one car, a beautiful woman is turning passengers into robots! In another, a scarfaced man watches your every move! And you are sure that the person next to you is a jewel thief! How will you get away from these people?

  • If you try to outwit the robot woman, turn to page 54.
  • If you want to find out what the scarfaced man is doing with that knife, turn to page 38.
  • If you decide to forget your trip and join up with the jewel thief, turn to page 42.

Be warned! In a Twistaplot book, you decide what path to take and what to do once you get there. The wrong choice could cost you your life. The right one could make you a star! The choice is up to you.

So climb aboard and see where you and The Train of Terror are headed!

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