Fighting Fantasy 11: Talisman of Death

Illustrator Peter Andrew Jones (cover), Bob Harvey
Author Jamie Thomson and Mark Smith
Year 1987 (first published 1984)
Publisher Puffin
ISBN 0-14-031859-3

The once-peaceful world of Orb is in terrible danger!

Dark forces are at work to unleash the awesome might of the Evil One but their plans cannot be completed without the legendary Talisman of Death. It seems that all Orb is searching for the Talisman and yet YOU are the one who carries it. YOUR mission is to destroy the evil Talisman before the minions of Death can reach you. But beware! Time is running out…

Two dice, a pencil and an eraser are all you need to embark on this thrilling adventure of sword and sorcery, complete with its elaborate combat system and a score sheet to record your gains and losses.

Many dangers lie ahead and your success is by no means certain. Powerful adversaries are ranged against you and often your only choice is to kill or be killed!

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