Best: An Intimate Biography

Illustrator Bergen (first name not listed)
Author Michael Parkinson
Year 1975
Publisher Arrow
ISBN 0-09-911480-1

George Best – the greatest footballer of all time?

Certainly the most controversial. In his stormy, spectacular career, this wayward genius from the backstreets of Belfast attracted more praise – and more criticism – than any pop star or politician.

Now in one of the most intimate and revealing biographies ever published, Michael Parkinson tells the true, explosive story behind Best’s dazzling success and tragic decline.

It’s all here. The rows, the rivalries, the girls, the goals. With Best’s own biting comments on the world he once ruled. Continue reading

The World of Sherlock Holmes

The World of Sherlock Holmes

Illustrator Mary Evans
Author Michael Harrison
Year 1975 (first published 1973)
Publisher Nel Mentor
ISBN 450-02410-5

‘Mr Harrison is perhaps the doyen of Sherlockians.’ Pamela Hansford Johnson

Why did Sherlock Holmes visit America? What did he do for Vanderbilt? Why did he remain silent about the identity of Jack the Ripper? What was the secret of the Vatican Cameos? Why did the kings of Denmark, Sweden and Holland, the Sultan of Turkey, the President of the United States and the Emperor of All the Russias confer on Holmes their highest decorations? Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes: The Famous Biography

Sherlock Holmes: The Famous Biography

Illustrator Richard Clifton-Dey
Author W. S. Baring-Gould
Year 1975 (first published 1962)
Publisher Granada
ISBN 586-04260-1


Sherlock Holmes has become a legend, his very name synonymous with brilliant crime detection. Here is the first comprehensive biography of the man, written with scrupulous accuracy, thoroughness and a warm infectious enthusiasm. Tracing Holmes’s career, W. S. Baring-Gould has revealed many hitherto unknown facts: his parentage and early life, his somewhat erratic years at Oxford, Cambridge and Bart’s, as well as an interlude on the stage in Britain and America. Holmes’s little-known relationships with other celebrities of the time – including King Edward VII, Karl Marx, Lewis Carroll and Bernard Shaw – are put in the perspective of his mysterious ‘missing years.’

For those long acquainted with Holmes’s superb feats of detection and newcomers to the classic accounts of his exploits alike, Sherlock Holmes provides fascinating and unputdownable reading.

Sherlock Holmes: The Famous Biography available on Amazon