Get Me to the Wake on Time

Get Me to the Wake on Time

Illustrator unknown
Author various
Introduction Alfred Hitchcock
Year 1974
Publisher Mayflower
ISBN 583-12263-9


Alfred Hitchcock is a kindly man. It grieves him to think that a certain group of citizens don’t get the public attention their deeds merit. True, they prefer it that way… in fact the last thing they want is publicity. But Alfie knows best, and he’s devoted a long time to making known the special talents of these modest murderers.

Together with some friends Alfred Hitchcock has collected fourteen spine-tingling, knee-knocking, finger-biting stories to keep you in suspense. Continue reading

Games Killers Play

Games Killers Play

Illustrator unknown
Author various
Introduction Alfred Hitchcock
Year 1974 (first published 1967)
Publisher Mayflower
ISBN 583-12262-0


Nice people don’t do it. Of course not. That’s why the world is so safe. That’s why we all live to a ripe old age. So keep smiling and above all don’t get nervous.

Because that master of murderous mayhem, Alfred Hitchcock, is about to introduce you to as convincing a crew of keen killers and mangled victims as you’d never care to meet. Continue reading

More Great Adventure Stories

More Great Adventure Stories

Illustrator unknown
Author unknown
Year 1978
Publisher Dean & Son
ISBN unknown

Turtle Island, The Chinese Pirates, Sitting Bull, The Covered Wagons, Magellan and Elcano, The Conquest of the Poles, Robin Hood, The Crusades, Medieval Tournaments, The Flying Dutchman and The Abominable Snowman

More Great Adventure Stories available on Amazon

Seven Great Detective Stories

Illustrators Ben Otero (cover), Michael Lowenbein
Editor William H. Larson
Year 1979 (first published 1968)
Publisher Golden
ISBN 0-307-21627-6


Elementary? You may not agree after you’ve matched wits with some of the greatest detectives in all literature.

In these classic tales of mystery, such remarkable detectives as Father Brown, The Thinking Machine, and the incomparable Sherlock Holmes display their deductive skills in some very baffling cases.

So sharpen your own deductive powers and plunge into this murky, mysterious world. But watch out! The murderer might be lurking around the next page… Continue reading