The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale

The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale

Illustrator Jo Ann Dick
Author Claude Steiner
Year 1980 (first published 1977)
Publisher Jalmar
ISBN 0-915190-08-7


The Warm Fuzzy Tale was first published in 1970 and has since been reproduced and translated hundreds of thousands of times by people all over the world. The Fuzzy Tale has become a true folk tale which has penetrated the lives of many people far removed from its author. This is the first time that A Warm Fuzzy Tale has been fully illustrated in its original version.


It was Claude Steiner, West Coast clinical psychologist and author, who originated the concept of Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies in the late 1960’s. Without fanfare or exploitation the concept has become the delightful symbol of the positive and negative strokes given and received in human living and loving among countless children and adults.

The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale available on Amazon

The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale (full size)

3 responses to “The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale

    • Hey thanks, Ste J – I have been itching to get back on here. This is one my mother bought home once upon a time and was always floating about the house. I don’t think it had a huge circulation when it was published but still a fun, quick read that reminds me of simpler times.

      • Simpler reads are still great, a nice break between more epic books and as something that has been around you for ages before you decided to read it, makes it more interesting I find. I shall add it to my list of books to hunt….like snarks.

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