Elf Defense

Illustrator unknown
Author Esther M. Friesner
Year 1988
Publisher Signet
ISBN 0-451-15230-1


When Amanda Taylor and her stepson, the elf prince Cassiodoron, fled Elfhame for the mortal lands of Earth, Cass’s royal father swore he’d hunt them down and bring them back. Yet for a time the fugitives found a haven in the peaceful Connecticut town of Godwin’s Corners…until a freakish accident revealed Amanda’s hideaway to the king.

Soon he and his minions besieged the town with a campaign of magical mayhem from dog-devouring plastic ware to a salamander’s blazing creation of an impromptu fire sale. Amanda and Cass were in desperate need of allies and they found them in lawyer Sandra Horowitz, her professor husband, and Davina, their Welsh maid who was gifted with the Sight. Yet who would be the winner when mortals challenged the power of immortal spells…?

Elf Defense available on Amazon

Thanks to Still Books for the cover


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