The Disappearing Dwarf

Illustrator Darrell K. Sweet
Author James P. Blaylock
Year 1983
Publisher Del Ray/Ballantine
ISBN 0-345-30376-8


Life as a man of leisure was becoming a bit dull for Jonathan Bing, Master Cheeser, so he welcomed Professor Wurzle’s invitation to visit the empty castle of Selznak, the Evil Dwarf. There they chanced upon a treasure map!

Soon Jonathan, his wonderpooch Ahab, Professor Wurzle, and Miles the Magician set off by boat for the location of the treasure… the unknown city called Landsend.

But between them and their goal lay the Case of the Missing Squire, the Attack of the Headless Oarsmen, a mysterious witch, some evil goblins—and the Secret of the Purloined Globe…

The Disappearing Dwarf available on Amazon

Thanks to Still Books for the cover

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