The KnowHow Book of Detection

Illustrator Colin King
Author Judy Hindley and Donald Rumbelow
Year 1978
Publisher Usborne
ISBN 0-86020-124-4

How to Use This Book (from the inside front cover)

A good detective needs special skills, lots of training—and imagination. In this book there is a mystery story to test your imagination. There are also puzzles to solve and projects to teach you skills, like finding a get away car.

Try some of the puzzles as you read the story. See if you can solve the mystery Shamus faces. Then go back and try the projects.

As you know, a detective is a plain-clothes policeman. After becoming a detective he wears no uniform and works only on solving crimes.

But before this he may spend years as a patrolman— directing traffic, walking his beat, and helping ordinary people in emergencies. This is how he learns to be observant, to think logically, and to keep cool in emergencies.

It takes experience to learn these things, but there are special skills that help a lot. In this book we have given you some tips on these, too.

Our story is set in England, but detective work is very much the same in every country. All over the world the police co-operate—as you can see when you read about Interpol. The fight against crime is international.

The KnowHow Book of Detection available on Amazon

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