Seven Great Detective Stories

Illustrators Ben Otero (cover), Michael Lowenbein
Editor William H. Larson
Year 1979 (first published 1968)
Publisher Golden
ISBN 0-307-21627-6


Elementary? You may not agree after you’ve matched wits with some of the greatest detectives in all literature.

In these classic tales of mystery, such remarkable detectives as Father Brown, The Thinking Machine, and the incomparable Sherlock Holmes display their deductive skills in some very baffling cases.

So sharpen your own deductive powers and plunge into this murky, mysterious world. But watch out! The murderer might be lurking around the next page…

Suspect Unknown Courtney Ryley Cooper
The Blast of the Book G. K. Chesterton
The Missing Undergraduate Henry Wade
The Problem of Cell 13 Jacques Futrelle
Silver Blaze Arthur Conan Doyle
The Nine-Mile Walk Harry Kemelman
The Man in the Velvet Hat Jerome and Harold Prince

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