Detective Peabody Up in the Air

Illustrator Ken Kirkwood
Author Ruth Thomson
Year 1980
Publisher J. M. Dent & Sons
ISBN 0-460-06875-X

A Detective Peabody Casebook

Doctor Blotter, a friend of Detective Peabody, calls him in on the eve of the Great Air Race to investigate a break in. Help Peabody and Humbug to solve the mystery by searching the pictures for clues.

Also in the series
Detective Peabody’s First Case
Detective Peabody All at Sea

Detective Peabody available on Amazon

2 responses to “Detective Peabody Up in the Air

    • You’re welcome! Yes, a great book. I remember being totally fascinated with the colourful artwork and the simple puzzles. Came across it quite by accident in a second hand book store in Christchurch, New Zealand a few years back. Congrats on having the first comment on my blog too!

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